Payment cards

Contactless ELCART

"ELKART - contactless" (with NFC module) allows you to make contactless payments quickly and conveniently. With it you can make quick purchases without handing the card to the cashier


«Elcart» - «Social payments» - this social card allows you to ensure the convenience and security of receiving social payments and benefits. With the help of a social card, you can pay for various services, including housing and communal services, taxes, pay for goods in stores.

Social cards significantly simplify the life of their holders, simplifying the procedure for receiving payments due. When receiving benefits on a card, you can withdraw cash at any convenient time at the nearest ATM of the ELCART system - there is no need to tediously wait in line at the cash desk, fill out any paperwork, etc.

ELKART - Pensioner Card

ELCART payment card is an affordable, reliable, secure banking product designed for non-cash payments, receiving salaries, pensions, allowances, as well as for payments to the budget for various public services to the population, payment of taxes, customs duties, insurance premiums, etc.

ELKART Business

"ELKART Business" - a card for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, to meet the objectives of the company in the issuance of accountable amounts and receipt of proceeds from the sale of goods and services for TSP

Temporarily unavailable

ELCART for individuals

At the moment, new cards are no longer being released. Perevypsk and the issuance of new cards occurs according to the tariffs "ELKART - Beskontakt"

Visa Infinite

Live by your own rules. Discover new and exclusive opportunities. Fly in comfort, be welcomed everywhere, don't worry about your purchases and your money.


Visa Gold

With VISA Gold PCL you can perform not only routine operations, withdraw cash and make purchases at any store with the logo of Visa, but also get discounts and additional services 

Visa Business

Visa Business Cards are designed for a variety of daily payments in small and medium-sized businesses.

Mastercard Gold

Your confidence at any time, wherever you are! A gold card will emphasize your status and give you privileges: discounts and special offers all over the world, as well as an increased level of protection for you and your funds.

Mastercard Standard

Mastercard Standard - this is a classic bank card, with the most favorable combination of price and quality, which provide access to a range of services.

"Altyn" deposit by Mastercard Gold

"Deposit" Altyn "is specifically designed for customers who want to save, and save your money, as well as limit their spontaneous purchase.

Capital Standard Deposit by Mastercard Standard

Mastercard Standard is convenient for saving and accumulating money.

Children's deposit by Mastercard

Deposit "Child" - think about your child's future now!

Temporarily unavailable

Alai Card Payment Card

At the moment, new cards are no longer issued, but previously issued cards are still serviced.

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