Google Pay -RSK Bank

Google Pay - a convenient way to pay with NFC-enabled Android smartphones. This is the best solution for customers, which allows you to quickly and easily pay for purchases with a Google account in one touch wherever contactless payments are accepted without presenting the card itself. And this is more than 45 countries of the world.

How to make a payment via Google Pay?

  • first, download the Google Wallet app on Android (version 5.2 and higher) on Google Play or open the website;
  • log in to your Google account and add a payment method - a Visa card from “RSK Bank”;
  • make sure that NFC technology is supported on your device for payment in stores.


How to set up contactless payment?

  1. Open up Google Wallet;
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap your profile photo, then "Set up contactless payment";
  3. Check that contactless payment is ready with Google Wallet:
  • Turn on the NFC function on the device (in the "Settings" section);
  • next, set Google Pay as the default payment application;
  • add a contactless payment method;
  • set up a screen lock (PIN code, picture key or fingerprint);
  • make sure that the phone meets the security requirements (the firmware must be from the manufacturer and not modified);
  • if all the conditions are met, you can make contactless payments using your phone.

To pay for the purchase, you need:

  • unlock the device screen;
  • bring it with the back panel to the contactless payment terminal;
  • follow the on-screen instructions.

Google Pay is a secure payment method for every day. Thanks to the built-in data protection system, it is more reliable to pay for purchases through the app than by bank card or cash. The data added to the Google account is stored in private access on the company's servers.

In addition, you can increase the level of data protection yourself by turning on the screen lock and setting a PIN code, a graphic key or a fingerprint. You can also protect your payment information in case of loss or theft of your phone through the "Find Device" service. It allows you to remotely lock your phone, log out of your Google account or erase data from your device.